About us

comdu.it was born to bridge a divide between inequality and possibility. By working in collaboration with our global network,
we build resilient, independent, and empowered communities for a brighter tomorrow.
It is our belief that we can make sustainable technology, education and healthy living accessible to all.

Our Story

In 2004, a group of Canadian university students took a break from class to volunteer in some of Sri Lanka’s remote communities. Their on the ground experiences and realizations is what lead to the founding of comdu.it a decade later.

Our organization is committed to helping shift diaspora engagement from charity to sustainability, from aid to economic development, and from sending remittance to building a knowledge economy. We leverage the technical knowledge, skills, and networks of our supporters to strengthen the efforts of local grassroot organizations that serve under-represented and vulnerable communities in the North and East of Sri Lanka. We work to ensure that these communities receive equal opportunities to grow in the direction they choose. 

In 2016, we launched our first mission. comdu.it sent 10 members of the diaspora to volunteer with local partners as planners, teachers, artists, physical education instructors, leadership facilitators, and more. We continued to send volunteers overseas for two more years. However, the 2019 Easter Attack, change in State Administration in 2019, and now COVID-19 pushed us to restructure and pivot our operations.

Today, we do the same impactful work but through a virtual platform, continuing to leverage the commitment and dedication of our diaspora volunteers on various long-term projects. Armed with a healthy project portfolio, we find that our approach is powerful and empowering. Our impact on the ground continues to grow as more communities are supported, and we don’t plan to stop.



Our core team is comprised of the following dedicated individuals,
all of whom serve in a volunteer capacity.

Global Board of Directors











Local Partners


Organic Movement of
North and East (OMNE)

The Church of American
Ceylon Mission (CACM)

Organization for the Rehabilitation of
the Handicapped (Orhan)

Yarl IT Hub

Upcycled Tech


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