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Key Projects


Comdu.it, Suvadi, and OMNE have partnered to co-found NEOrganics Food Innovation Lab, a social enterprise to represent the interests of …

Google E-classroom Project

We at Comdu.it and Suvadi created a specific e-classroom program to enable digital education in North and East Sri Lanka. Our goal is …

Jaffna Clean City Initiative

Improper waste collection practices, a lack of awareness surrounding proper waste disposal and low engagement from locals in improving …

Mental Health Matters

Comdu.it is teaming up with a local partner to improve the mental health of at-risk youth who have encountered traumatic experiences …

Our Mission

Shift diaspora engagement from charity to sustainability, from aid to economic development, and from supporting remittance economies to building knowledge economies.

Our Vision

Build the best model for transnational and sustainable development cooperation by leveraging transnational diaspora resources.

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