Based on lessons learned from previous missions and additional field insights, our 2019 Sri Lanka Mission is focused on the following thematic areas of concern:


Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment is key to development of vulnerable communities, especially women in female-headed households (FHHs) families which are vulnerable to poverty, violence, and social exclusion due to a shortage of opportunities and services. Two key challenges to the success and sustainability of micro-finance and other livelihood programs that seek to help women in FHH families are insufficient market linkages and market saturation. We seek to co-create solutions that could help open access to urban markets within Sri Lanka and diaspora markets.


Human Rights

A human rights-based approach is essential to achieving sustainable development goals. Our work on sustainable development takes into account the broader human rights implications and issues surrounding transitional justice for vulnerable populations in war-impacted communities whom we work with. As such, we seek to help build capacity and sustain local human rights institutions and communities so that they can advocate better.


Leadership Development

Much of the work we have done thus far has focused on teaching English-as-a-Second Language, Information and Communication Technologies, and Creative Arts to young people under the care of local partners. One of the outcomes of this work has been increased leadership capacity amongst these youths. As such, we have re-designed our Education programme stream to provide focused interventions that will help build more sustainable leadership capacity for young people to become changemakers within their own respective communities.


Psychosocial Support

The need for mental health and psychosocial support has never been greater. There continues to be a need to provide support for survivors of war, conflict, trauma, and torture. We intend to place social workers and therapists from the diaspora to provide direct services such as counselling, medical support, and physiotherapy; alternative yoga and relaxation techniques; and other simple yet effective interventions. In addition to this, we will also seek out local government partnerships to help provide new clinical assessment tools, peer support, and training opportunities.


Public Sector Capacity Building

Over the past two years or so, there has been a significant increase in bi-lateral visits of local and national government officials between Sri Lanka and Canada. This includes signing of various sister-city agreements between municipal governments in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka and Ontario. However, there has been little to no visible progress on how best to implement, evaluate, and monitor activities identified in these agreements. Given our focus on leveraging diaspora technical expertise, we are seeking to work with diaspora public sector professionals to help manifest outcomes intended in these agreements and generally build the capacity of public institutions in Northern Sri Lanka.


Current Opportunities

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