Are you prepared to make this moment matter?

There are two moments that matter to me when it comes to Sri Lanka.

The first was in June 2009 when I set foot in Menik Farm. It was within days of the end of the 30-year-old armed conflict in Sri Lanka. Seeing and hearing from survivors in that camp shook me to my core and I resolved to do whatever I can to help them create a better future for themselves.

That opportunity came in August 2013 when I met with a couple of friends to talk about what was going on back home and first heard of the idea that eventually became I knew this moment would come to mean something – and I signed up.

Since our launch, has grown at a tremendous pace.

We have held numerous consultations in Sri Lanka, established important partnerships with local organizations, and successfully placed nearly a dozen diaspora professionals – from municipal planners to educators and law students to business professionals – in community-building projects throughout the North and East. Most importantly, we now carry with us, the stories of real people and real experiences from back home that will inform how we shape the next generation of diaspora engagement in development.

That we’ve managed to accomplish all this and more on a shoestring budget is quite incredible!

As’s Director of Finance, it’s now my job to make sure that our team has the necessary support in place to make an even bigger impact in Sri Lanka next year.

This is why I am calling on you today – Giving Tuesday – to make this your moment that matters. By making a contribution of $25, you can make sure we are able to create an even bigger impact in the North and East in 2018.

Please donate $25 right now to support our new movement for diaspora engagement in development — and help us hit our goal.

Or give another amount:

Thank you — and Happy Giving Tuesday. Let your gift today be an investment in our people.

With gratitude,

Bahi Kandavel
Director of Finance