Sivaharan Rajkumar is completing his Master of Science in Micro and Nano Systems at University College Southeast Norway and has a B.Eng. in Electronics and Electric Engineering and a B.Comm. in Finance and Economics from the University of Melbourne. He has previously worked as an Engineer at WorleyParsons. In 2016, he also founded the beta platform. Siv last visited Sri Lanka in 2014, and he is our first non-Canadian international volunteer to be placed in Sri Lanka.

Siv will be placed in the position of Urban Planning Assistant for one month under the Associateship Program with Bridging Lanka to work on the rehabilitation and economic re-vitalization of traditional ponds in the Mannar district.

We asked Siv to share some of his thoughts on his upcoming experience once he landed in Sri Lanka.

Stay tuned to this blog to follow Siv’s work in Mannar, Sri Lanka this summer. 

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