Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to call on the German Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka to discuss the work that comdu.it has commenced in Germany this year. Pictured here is Lavanya Sreeranganathan, Head of Government Relations, comdu.it Deutschland, with Deputy Ambassador Andreas Berg.

Lavanya Sreeranganathan is currently working as an Analyst at Hering Schuppener, Germany’s leading strategic communications consultancy. She has a M.Sc. in Politics, Economics and Philosophy from the Universit√§t Hamburg and a B.A. in International Politics and History from Jacobs University Bremen. Lavanya is active in her community, and is a member of the Junior Party of Germany’s Social Democractic Party and works with the non-profit organization Kant/e Zeigen. Lavanya has a strong connection to Sri Lanka, and travels there every year. In 2014, she spent six months there as a Politics, Press and Information Trainee for the European Union Delegation to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.¬†