We were pleased to broker a tripartite partnership with the Khemadasa Foundation and the International Medical Health Organization – Canada to jointly host the Foundation’s special “Kandy Rama” fundraiser in aid of the Kandy General (Teaching) Hospital.

Established in 1861, the Kandy General (Teaching) Hospital is the second largest hospital in Sri Lanka. The Hospital provides specialized health care services to all communities living in the Central Province, and patients from all across the country regularly access expert care from the hospital. The proceeds from the fundraiser were to be used to purchase ICU bed(s) for the hospital’s Nephrology and Transplant Unit.

The evening featured a plethora of performances by dancers, musicians, and spoken word artists. One of our volunteers, Yohani Mendis, debuted her own spoken word poetry at the event.


The event successfully raised $4,200 that helped purchase two ICU beds which were installed in October 2015.