June 5, 2020
Toronto, Canada | Hamburg, Germany

comdu.it unreservedly condemns anti-Black racism and violence and stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movements. We understand all of us have a responsibility – as individuals and organisations – to constantly acknowledge and interrogate the systemic oppression and structural inequality that is the lived reality for Black people not only in the United States but in Canada and Germany as well.

In comdu.it’s Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, and Violence Policy and Program, we recognize that everyone has a right to equal treatment without discrimination because of race, colour, ancestry, ethnic origin, and other grounds of the Ontario Human Rights Code. We will seek to further deepen our commitment by specifically establishing an Anti-Oppression Policy for our organisation to reinforce our solidarity with marginalised peoples who are and have been affected by racism, discrimination, and oppression.

We are committed to working alongside our community of volunteers and donors, supporters and friends, and partners and allies to engage in this work of anti-oppression and collectively commit to listening and actively engaging in the process of learning and unlearning. This extends to openly addressing the anti-Black racism that exists within Tamil and Sri Lankan communities as well.

To Black communities who are hurting – we see you and we stand with you.