You must be wondering who Sofia is.

Sofia Saraswathy Srinarayanathas is my daughter — and the greatest blessing in my life.

Sofia is a quarter Ukrainian, quarter Russian, and half Tamil. Given this, I know she will have the privilege to join many tribes as she grows up – global citizen, Canadian, awoke diaspora woman, and more. When she does begin finding herself, though, I want her to be aware of her deep roots in the North and East of Sri Lanka — and that is why I signed up with

Like other new parents, I’m excited for the possibilities that await Sofia. But there is also doubt — when I wonder about whether or not I will be able to provide her with even a fraction of the strong foundation of cultural values that I had the privilege of growing up with thanks to my large and loving family.

With every passing day at however, I’m gaining the knowledge to help my daughter better understand what it means to be a part of a larger tribe that extends far beyond the shores of Lake Ontario to a small teardrop island in the Indian Ocean where her father and his parents come from. When Sofia seeks out this tribe one day, I hope she will have the opportunity to do so in a meaningful way through similar to the journeys of nearly a dozen young people in the diaspora we have facilitated so far.

As’s Director of Community Relations, it’s my job to make sure that has the right support in the diaspora to make an even deeper connection between Sofia’s generation and our people back home.

This is why I’m calling on you today to become a part of our tribe. By making a contribution of $25, you can help us build an even stronger bridge to the North and East in 2018, and in the years to come.

Please donate $25 right now to support our new movement for diaspora engagement in development — and help us hit our goal.

Or give another amount:

Thank you — and let your gift today be an investment in Sofia and her generation.

With gratitude,

Muraly Srinarayanathas
Director of Community Relations