Did you know that when comdu.it was first launched, we had a program called “Give Money”?

Through Give Money, we provided micro gifts – targeted one-time small donations – aimed at addressing specific livelihood or educational needs of vulnerable persons in difficult circumstances such as extreme poverty, physical disabilities, and securitization.

Working with local partners and with the help of generous donors in Canada, we directly provided more than $2,300 to 13 beneficiaries through this program with 0% administrative costs. These beneficiaries included children with physical disabilities, women in female headed households, and former LTTE combatants.

In addition to this, we also worked with other Canadian diaspora organizations to raise nearly $12,000 for health care, education, and arts-related needs back home.

Following the conclusion of our micro-gifting commitment, we made the decision to phase out this program on January 25, 2015 to pivot comdu.it to focus solely on leveraging skills and knowledge given that other diaspora organisations with better resources were already involved in aid and charity.

As we continue our journey, we recognize the importance of a multi-pronged approach by the diaspora to empowering our people back home. We all have a role to play – and ours is to help the next generation of the diaspora to critically reflect and engage through the lens of co-created sustainable development that leverages our collective knowledge assets.