In February 2018, informally partnered with CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) to create opportunities for diaspora professionals to become involved in global health projects in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

Following a competitive process that saw a significant number of interested applicants from across the globe, we are pleased to announce that the following two successful candidates have been accepted by CCMB.

Sobitha Yuhendran
Global Health Research Coordinator

Sobitha is a medical scientist with clinical research, health administration, and project management experience. She is a Project Manager and Integrated Care Administrative Manager at St. Vincent’s Public Hospital in Sydney, Australia. Sobitha completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, Bachelor of Medical Science at the University of Sydney, and is currently completing her Master of Public Health also at the University of Sydney. She is fluent in English and conversational Tamil.

In the role of Global Health Research Coordinator, Sobitha will coordinate the development of a research proposal and planning for a cross-sectional research project in 2019 to determine the prevalence of cancer in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. This includes the development of the project proposal, funding applications, survey questionnaire, training manual, ethics submissions, and all other study documentation.

Sangeetha Navaratnam
Cancer Control Framework Strategist

Sangeetha has a long history of working at the intersection of health policy, patient centered care, and equity. She is the Patient Education Regional Lead at the Mississauga Halton Central West Regional Cancer Program, and previously worked in health equity at the University Health Network and Central Local Health Integration Network. Sangeetha completed her Master of Social Work at York University, Master of Arts, Sociology and Equity Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, Bachelor of Education at the University of Windsor, and Bachelor Arts in Psychology and Sociology at Queen’s University. She has also worked in South Asian and Sri Lankan and Tamil communities in the Greater Toronto Area with a focus on education, domestic violence, and women’s issues.

In the role of Cancer Control Framework Strategist, Sangeetha will coordinate the development of an environmental scan and cancer control framework for the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. This work will include identification of current state of the cancer control system in the Northern Province and recommendations for future state. A finalized cancer control framework strategy will be developed and presented to the Cancer Control Council in Jaffna and the CancerCare Manitoba Global Health Initiative Team.

We congratulate Sobitha and Sangeetha on their new roles, and look forward to seeing the outcomes of these important projects being led by CancerCare Manitoba.