March also saw the tabling of the 2019 Budgets in Canada and Sri Lanka.

    • On March 19, the Government of Canada tabled its 2019 Budget, Investing in the Middle Class, which focused on investing in middle class families, directly assisting municipal governments with building infrastructure, advancing reconciliation with indigenous communities, and delivering real change based on Canadian values. The full budget papers can be read here. As stated by the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC), “While Budget 2019 indicates an additional $700 million in 2023-24 to the International Assistance Envelope (IAE), a closer look at the financial tables shows that only $100 million of this is in fact new to the IAE. The remaining amount simply maintains the IAE at the level reached through Canada’s previously announced commitments in 2018. According to CCIC’s projections, Canada’s Official Development Assistance will remain stagnant at 0.26% of Gross National Income through 2023-24, significantly below the global target of 0.7%.”
    • On March 12, the Government of Sri Lanka successfully passed its 2019 Budget, Enterprise Sri Lanka – Empowering the People and Nurturing the Poor, aimed at accelerating the growth of private enterprise in the country. The Budget included some announcements that have implications for the Northern and Eastern provinces. A total of approximately Rs. 7,800 Mn has been allocated specifically for the region and an additional Rs. 13,750 Mn is proposed. The full budget papers can be read here. also undertook a review of the 2019 Sri Lanka Budget for our stakeholders and created a document containing excerpts on items pertaining to the Northern and Eastern Provinces. This document is available here: 2019 Sri Lanka Budget – North and East Excerpts – March 2019