We are an independent pilot network of students and professionals interested in facilitating meaningful connections between our peers and community-based, long-term sustainable development efforts in Sri Lanka, with a primary focus on empowering communities impacted by war.

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We come from diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. However, we have a shared commitment to facilitate meaningful and innovative diaspora engagement in actively helping all vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka.

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Our resources section offers a few sources to serve as starting points for those interested in learning more about the situation in Sri Lanka and the practical aspects of travelling to and living there.

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سرویس کاهش پينگ خريد کریو دانلود سريال جديد دانلود فيلم دانلود رايگان دانلود انيميشن اخبار سينما و موسيقی دانلود آهنگ جديد دانلود بازی رمان و شعر اس ام اس های جديد اخبار | تفريحی و سرگرمی پيچک اخبار ايران و جهان مجله پزشکی تفريحی و سرگرمي اخبار خريد جم خريد فيلترشکن اخبار ايران و جهان دکوراسيون داخلی خريد هاست پربازديد دانلود فيلم جديد دانلود فيلم اخبار ورزشی فروش کارت شارژ ايرانسل به صورت آنلاين